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Cost of the War in Iraq

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Iraqi Bloggers:

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:::reporter or pundit?:::

Either report the news or resign and declare your pundit status; provide news not opinion!

One is a corporate mouthpiece, the other was a real anchorman.

report the news: don't misrepresent the facts this was the way it was: bring it back!

"The mark of a professional journalist is that we do adhere to an ethic. A professional journalist recognizes his or her prejudices and biases and avoids them in writing and reporting. There's no place in journalism for biased reporting on the front page. There is no place for subjective, personal opinions to creep in."

~~~Walter Cronkite

And that's the way it was, and that's the way it should be!

Note: I'm NOT taking this down, BTW. He may never have to pay for it, but what Hume did was absolutely wrong and a slap in the face to real journalists. This will stay up for as long as I feel like it (and right now I'm feeling like that may be a long, LONG time) to express my complete and utter disgust and disbelief at the travesty that broadcast news has become.