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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

some astrological insight

As a perennial amateur astrologer completely addicted to the amazing information bonanza to be found on the subject just by surfing the Information Superhighway, I spend a significant amount of time delving into the many wonderful sites the internet has to offer on the subject. One of the most meaningful and connecting finds I ever had the luck to encounter was a lovely little site called Big Sky Astrology a wonderful site full of beautifully written and informative essays by astrologer (and rennaisance woman extraordinaire) April Kent.

Maybe it is because we share a Gemini Moon that is only a few degrees apart or the fact that her rising sign is in Sagittarius (where I have a stellium that includes my own MC there), maybe it is because we share an assortment of mutual interests, but whatever it is, her writing speaks to me in a way that I have never quite experienced before. She brings astrology alive in the most personal way, by sharing the real effects it has on her life.

I dream of being an essayist with even half the skill that she brings to her accounts. I await her monthly gems of wit and wisdom with anticipation and I am never disappointed at the result! To discover some wonderful writing and some practical experiences of astrological effect in one woman's life, please go check this wonderful little jewel of a site out!

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