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Friday, May 30, 2003

is this thing on????

A second test and a brief post of rememberance. This is the week that the Led Zeppelin triple CD and DVDs were released. And also the week of tons of promotion by the former members. I've heard my muse Jimmy Page talk four times in the last 24 hours and I admit that I have been in heaven!!! I've heard most of the CDs already but we are going to have a special screening of the DVDs tomorrow night and I just can't wait. The icing on the cake was getting the June issue of Mojo Magazine and the three of them gracing the cover along with a substantial article inside. When I saw that cover of the three of them standing there together I just got goose bumps. As it is highly likely that this is the closest we will get to seeing the three together anytime soon it was a pretty thrilling moment. The only thing that can top this is the three of them deciding to work on some new stuff together. But I guess I won't hold my breath... Still the CDs and DVDs are an absolutely incredible consolation prize - and a triumphant showcase of a legendary band's immense talents! For now at least, that will have to be enough - and so it is...

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Monday, May 26, 2003

this is only a test

Hi - this is a test!

And the first link is appropriately enough all about one of my biggest obsessions: food! I think it is a pretty cool idea in theory but I don't know if this is really going to work to satisfy my cravings or if it is going to just exacerbate them. Right now I've got chocolate cake jones that is demanding satisfaction.

Actually I'm just realizing that one of my favorite things to do is flip through cookbooks and take in the glossy photos of pure and basic gratification - but those sessions inevitably lead me to the kitchen or the car for comfort food craving fulfillment.

I think its time to split the scene and find grandma's chocolate pudding cake recipe. I think I'm in trouble.....

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