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Sunday, August 31, 2003

for the birds

My dragonfly summer is fading fast and I have been lazy about posting here and in my online journal. But these bird-related links were too lovely not to commemorate to bloggage!

I was recently sent the url to a lovely site with lovely hummingbird nest photos. This is especially meaningful to me because the hummingbird is one of my special animal totems! They have made constant appearances at crucial and special moments in my life. Hummingbirds are the beautiful little reminder to allow as much joy as possible into our lives. When you see one, count yourself reminded that you are blessed!

I also ran across a lovely personal site recently called Birds in a Cheshire Garden. If you love birds, I'm certain you will find this little jewel of a site as enchanting as I did!

Another little gem for avid bird-watchers, is a listing of various bird/nesting cams that can be found at this site.

Although there are only a few days left, I intend to relish the waning days of summer to the fullest!

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Saturday, August 09, 2003

a symbol of peace

This is the most beautiful crop circle I've seen yet! I just had to share it. It does look like swallows but it also gave me a feeling of "peace" - the image of doves and the idea of "sophia/the holy spirit"!

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