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Friday, October 29, 2004

Kerry and the Boss in Wisconsin

80,000 Wisconsinites showed up to see the pair! Story here.

Kerry and Springsteen and supporters in Madison

"These essential ideas of American identity are what's at stake on November 2," Springsteen said. "That's why 'united we stand,' that's why 'one nation indivisible' aren't just slogans, but they need to remain guiding principles of our public policy." ~~~Bruce Springsteen 10-28-2004

Victory is in the air!

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woman's best friend....

Dog Saves Woman's Life by Calling 911! Story from can be found here! An incredible story! And a real day brightener amidst all the really bad news being reported the last several days....

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over 100,000 Iraqi Civilians dead

The story from can be found here.

"The experts from the United States and Iraq said most of those who died were women and children and air strikes from coalition forces accounted for most of the violent deaths."

Just one of the many heartbreaking costs for the price of freedom on the march. What a price to have paid, when no one bothered to ask you beforehand if you were really willing to pay it.....

Meanwhile, we have 1,111 US military casualties and the entire coalition has lost 1,251 brave soldiers. A very heartbreaking bit of news and the beginning of another long, sad day.

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

I usually don't do M'n'M's but....

I know everybody's gotta be blogging about it by now... but then again, that is no doubt true of most of my posts, especially lately. But I just saw this on Michael Moore's site and had to post the link here. (Scroll down about halfway to the October 26th entry).

I've never been a big fan of Eminem but he's won my greatest admiration for his newest video, Mosh. It's a sobering and compelling testament to the growing anger that this misguided administration has brought out in the masses. Only 4 more days till the election. I'm praying for a recordbreaking young voter turnout. Mr. Mathers deserves some kudos for helping the momentum along.

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I'm that kind of girl......

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jfk purist

You preferred Kerry's statements 100% of the time

Voting purely on the issues you should vote Kerry

Who would you vote for if you voted on the issues?

Find out now!

Go Kerry~Edwards!!! Sweep the 50!!!!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Kerry/Clinton Philly Rally yesterday

Wish I could have been a part of it! Here's a Video clip which had to be the next best thing for me!

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Monday, October 25, 2004

how low will they go....

or, the despicable acts of deceit and intentional dis-information exudes an unholy stink of desperation and leaves the perpetrators and their fraudulant messages with zero credibility.

The outed hoax-photo can be found here.

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

wolves speak out!!!

Wolfpacks for are making a statement about their misrepresentation in the latest GWB scare tactic campaign ad. These wolves are outraged and will not be silenced! ;-)

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hunter thompson's fear and loathing, campaign 2004


"The genetically vicious nature of presidential campaigns in America is too obvious to argue with, but some people call it fun, and I am one of them. Election Day -- especially a presidential election -- is always a wild and terrifying time for politics junkies, and I am one of those, too. We look forward to major election days like sex addicts look forward to orgies. We are slaves to it." ~~~HST Rolling Stone, 2004

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sucking democracy dry

The End of Democracy: Losing America's birthright, the George Bush Way article by Rick Perlstein.

"Once upon a time, not too long ago, the president of the United States declared that the war on terrorism was the most important issue in this year's presidential campaign.

Then every time his opponent brought up this most important of issues, George W. Bush cried foul, accusing John Kerry of hindering the war on terrorism. (America might be a democracy, but that doesn't mean the Democrat has a right to campaign.)"

~~~~RP Village Voice

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George Butler sues Sinclair over anti-kerry doc

for using footage of his Kerry documentary Upriver: The Long Road of John Kerry without permission; story can be found here.

The paired-down Sinclair documentary, is rumoured to have had little or no teeth to it anyway by the time they finally editted it for air last Friday; this is not in the least bit surprising since those poor misguided POWS and Swift Boat Vet/Kerry detractors are very bitter for one reason and one reason only, and that is because a war hero had the stones to speak out about the atrocities that happened during the war and to draw attention to the futility of the Vietnam war and to plead to have it ended as quickly as possible.

BTW Kerry was testifying about these accounts provided by and on behalf of hundreds of tormented veterans who desperately needed to bear witness to what they had seen and in many cases, participated in Vietnam, but (at least originally) that little minor detail was purposefully editted out of the original documentary Stolen Honor to make it look as though Kerry was presenting this as firsthand witnessed accounts.

I will give these men, who have come forward with these bitter complaints, the benefit of the doubt that they are sincere and not politically motivated... although that is really hard for me to believe at times when I watch the way this whole sordid episode has been handled. But I believe that they are ABSOLUTELY misguided and have wrongly smeared the name of a man, who ONLY intended to end the war more quickly to get them home. Kerry's point then as well as now, was that the ultimate responsibility for all that happened in Vietnam was the United States government and the entire approach that they took in handling it.

To deny that atrocities happened in Vietnam is simply unconscionable. My Lai happened and it was not an isolated incident. To hold ANYONE accountable for what may have gone on in the POW camps, simply because they followed their conscience by speaking out about those atrocities and to urge that that disastrous war come to end as quickly as possible, is simply wrongheaded.

It is, in my estimation, an incredible assertion to make that in order to support our troops, we cannot call for the end of an unjust war, and furthermore, if acts of atrocity are committed and we know of them it is absolutely unconscionable to keep silent. I find it incredibly difficult to believe that these men really and truly believe that John Kerry ever intended any harm to come to them. If in fact it is true that the POWs that have spoken out, were further tortured because John Kerry testified about the war, are they really and truly saying that he is to blame for this? Are they really and truly saying that he should never have spoken out about the atrocities and the need to end the Vietnam war immediately?

The answer appears to be that this is exactly what they believe. I pray for them; I feel for them; I regret any suffering they ever had to endure during that horrible war and any suffering they endured once they came home. I know well, that once many of our brave vets came home they were disdained and mistreated. That is an additional shame upon our country; many were outraged by the TRUE accounts of atrocities in Vietnam; many were angry over the futility and unjustness of that war.

But to take it out on our vets was absolutely wrong, and all Americans owe our vets an apology for that.

If we have learned nothing else from Vietnam, I do believe that we have at least learned this and that is why so many of us can say with complete honesty that we love our troops and we support them! But part of that support is in fact to speak out against unjust wars when they happen and to call for their return at the first possible moment.

But while America owes this to our Vietnam vets, John Kerry does NOT because he supported them from the beginning and the testimony he gave was IN SUPPORT OF THESE VETS and POWs. That this can be so (deliberately?) misunderstood is beyond me because it flies in the face of the facts of that complete testimony. To misunderstand this, is to deliberately turn a deaf ear to what John Kerry said and the reasons he had for leading a Vietnam Vet-backed Anti-War movement.

The unyielding truth is that it would be unconscionable for any of us to deny what happened in Vietnam. Atrocities on both sides happened. That is a simple, documented fact. And we must, each and every one of us, own up to that fact. No healing will ever begin until we can do that. It is clear, that for many, this healing has, even after 35 years, not yet begun. And I fear that this is one of the many reasons, that we find ourselves polarized over and in a state of deja vu regarding our situation in Iraq right now.

It is ironic, indeed and one of the great tragedies of our nation, that we still have not learned the lessons of Vietnam, nor have we truly been healed from the devastating wounds that each of us carry from that terrible time.

I don't believe that it is an accident that John Kerry is our democratic candidate for President at this moment in history. John Kerry is a man of real integrity and real courage. At this critical moment in time, I cannot think of a better qualified man to be our President and to navigate us through the treacherous waters we now find ourselves in.

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a look at the malpractice issue....

a hot and controversial pre-election topic that is being discussed by both candidates.

Malpractice Makes Perfect, by Stephanie Mancimer.

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another RS article

(this one is about Dick Cheney) can be found here.
Talk about a contrast of shadows and light....

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jfk rolling stone interview


RS: What are the parallels between Iraq and Vietnam?

JFK: Right now there is one parallel that's very disturbing, and that is the leadership in Washington has not told the truth to the American people. Unless this president begins to change direction, and recognize his mistakes, and get the policy right in Iraq, he could create a whole lot more parallels. But it doesn't have to be. And that's what I'm trying to offer America right now -- a realistic way to get our troops home, with honor, by achieving our goals but by sharing the burden and risk.

I am convinced that we can do that, because the rest of the world has a stake in the outcome. A failed Iraq is not in the interests of Arab states, and it's not in the interests of the European states -- but they're absent from the kind of effort necessary to prevent that from happening. That's where leadership is going to be necessary.

That's the difference that I intend to make, and that I must make -- for the sake of our country. To make ourselves safe in the long term, we're going to have to rebuild relationships and re-establish American credibility. Bush's mistakes don't have to become America's misfortune for the long term, and it's my job to undo his mistakes and turn this into a success.

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

former Republican Senator for Kerry "frightened to death" of Bush

story here.

Doubts are springing up everywhere within the Republican ranks....

"The wonderful thing about this country is its gift of citizenship, then it's freedom to register as one sees fit. For me, as a Republican, I feel that when my party gives me a dangerous leader who flouts the truth, takes the country into an undeclared war and then adds a war on terrorism to it without debate by the Congress, we have a duty to rid ourselves of those who are taking our country on a perilous ride in the wrong direction.

If we are indeed the party of Lincoln (I paraphrase his words), a president who deems to have the right to declare war at will without the consent of the Congress is a president who far exceeds his power under our Constitution.

I will take John Kerry for four years to put our country on the right path."~~~Marlow W. Cook

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john kerry's testimony before the senate foreign relations committee, 04-22-1971

can be found here.

The so-called documentary, Stolen Honor purportedly and with malicious intent, leaves out portions of this testimony to twist the truth into the winds of their deception tactics.

John Kerry is a true American Hero; one who was courageous enough to truly serve in Vietnam rather than taking deferment after deferment or land himself a cushy National Guard assignment; he earned a Silver Star, a Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts, and the detractors that have tried to smear his name with their outrageous lies should be utterly ashamed of themselves for trying to discredit his brave service.

Finally, and most courageous of all, John Kerry came back to the US and told the truth about Vietnam, on behalf of his own conscience as well as the many Vietnam Vets who bore witness to and participated in government-sanctioned atrocities that they could no longer hold inside and in order to help his fellow soldiers still trapped in a hopeless and morally bankrupt war, to be returned as soon as possible.

He spoke from his heart and he relayed messages from thousands of returning vets who wanted it stated on the record: what they saw, what they participated in and what they believed that the people of our nation needed to know about Vietnam and what they wanted our government to answer for - and most of all for our government to end the tragic futility that our presence there was perpetuating.

It takes incredible courage to speak out against the sins of a nation - there are still so many people, even today, who fear the truth and cannot face up to the ugliness that Vietnam was. Now, more than ever, it is time for our country to grow up and bear responsibility of our actions along with partaking the blessings that we have been given, just by being lucky enough to have been born in a country of wealth and independence and the greatest potential for true democracy and humanity. And right now, more than ever, We the People, need someone who has enough integrity and moral character to lead the way. If an honest internal dialogue is to be had, there is only one choice and that choice is John Forbes Kerry - a true great American Hero.

"Each day to facilitate the process by which the United States washes her hands of Vietnam someone has to give up his life so that the United States doesn't have to admit something that the entire world already knows, so that we can't say that we have made a mistake. Someone has to die so that President Nixon won't be, and these are his words, "the first President to lose a war."

We are asking Americans to think about that because how do you ask a man to be the last man to die in Vietnam? How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake? But we are trying to do that, and we are doing it with thousands of rationalizations, and if you read carefully the President's last speech to the people of this country, you can see that he says, and says clearly:

'But the issue, gentlemen,the issue is communism, and the question is whether or not we will leave that country to the Communists or whether or not we will try to give it hope to be a free people.'

But the point is they are not a free people now under us. They are not a free people, and we cannot fight communism all over the World, and I think we should have learned that lesson by now."
~ John Forbes Kerry, April 22, 1971

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Friday, October 15, 2004

just how low will some members of the republican party go????

Every day there is a new story even more unbelievable and repugnant than the last one. I detect the stench of cold desperation from some members of the GOP. This story is almost too stupid to be true, though. What politician in his or her right mind would send out a flyer like this and not expect repercussions to a degree that would be so totally not worth the trouble, even assuming one was mean-spirited enough to imagine doing it. How could anyone imagine that they could get away with the dirty trick of planting such disrespectful material on an unsuspecting party's doorstep and hoping that they could it pin it on that party?

What's that..... did someone say, "Only a Republican would come up with something like that?????"

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

and yet another voter registration issue in South Dakota

And the story is here.
This is is so surreal and ludicrous, I could almost laugh... if it weren't so completely terrifying....

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yet another ongoing case of voter registration fraud....

....aimed at keeping Democrats from voting on November 2nd. Story here.

"The company has been largely, if not entirely funded, by the Republican National Committee. Similar complaints have been received in Reno where the registrar has asked the FBI to investigate."~~~KLAS Eyewitness News

Utterly despicable.

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Monday, October 11, 2004

sinclair's latest tv propoganda antics

"Sinclair Broadcast Group, owner of the largest chain of television stations in the nation, plans to air a documentary that accuses Sen. John Kerry of betraying American prisoners during the Vietnam War, a newspaper reported Monday." ~ CNN MONEY

The rest of the story, Sinclair plans to air anti-Kerry film, DNC files complaint can be found here.

If there is any real justice left to be found in this country, a free airing of Going Upriver, The Long War of John Kerry as well as some response statement by him and those who know what really happened will follow up this filthy piece of propaganda ~ just how desperate are these Republican corporate hangers-on that they stoop to bending FCC rules at every turn????

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a real superhero has left us

I was heartbroken when I read this....
I always believed he would walk again and it would only be a matter of a few short years from now at the most. I really wanted to see it happen for him but I know that his courage and his memory will live on... and very soon many who shared his plight will be up and around once again. I just wish that he could have been a part of the miracle that modern medical research will soon be sharing with so many others.....

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Saturday, October 09, 2004

voter registration fraud in Florida

hmmmmm, why is it that this doesn't surprise me?

Utterly shameful and a blatant display of contempt towards the democratic process....

At this point, I'd be just grateful if whomever is announced as our next President, actually won the vote fair and square. I honestly never in my life believed that I would ever have to worry about something like that.... but after the 2000 election mess, it is a very real fear. And that's a sad realization and a lamentable statement of fact.

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

senator gone?

The Pilot Newspaper speaks out on Vice President Cheney's exaggerated assertion; check it out here.

This is in response to only one of the many misrepresented statements (I'm trying to be kind here) that Cheney indulged in during Wednesday's debate. Oh what a tangled web we weave.....

Kevin Drum for The Washington Monthly has a listing of the rest of the ... misrepresentations here. I'm not even gonna bother posting the photos and stories showing up that counter Cheney's faulty.... memory... about meeting Edwards for the first time at the debate.

I keep hearing that he obviously forgot ever meeting him. But, if that is the case, he needs to make darn sure he investigates making those type of authoritative statements to make a point of damaging someone else ... because it makes him look suspiciously like he had bad intent of making a dramatic and memorable statement and would not let a little thing like the fact that it simply wasn't true, get in his way....

But then again, it is becoming painfully clear that the Bush Administration has a nasty habit of operating in this insidious and deceitful manner on a regular basis. To correctly state Bush's bungling of an old adage: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me."

It is becoming increasingly difficult for this administration to work damage control on their twisted spin ~ more and more Americans have decided that they won't be fooled again.

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what would dubya's campaign ads be like....

if he was running against Jesus?

This one was too funny to miss...

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speaking of voting issues

A sobering story coming from Reno ~ if you aren't a Republican and you want to vote there, you may be in for some bad news...

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Monday, October 04, 2004

Kerry takes on the latest Republican Misinformation Attempt

from, "Kerry dismisses criticism of 'global test' remark as 'pathetic'. Story here. I'm so happy to see him responding to these master manipulators repeatedly and in record time. It is a sad, sad day in this country when every single thing you say can be twisted and manipulated for the completely unethical purpose of trying to re-write public opinion and force-feed lies to what the Republican campaign appears to disdainfully view as the unwashed and ill-informed masses.

"If you do things that are illegitimate in the eyes of the other people, it's very hard to get them to share the burden and risk with you." ~John Kerry

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Cheney Halliburton connection proving problematic

From the Guardian Going for a Halliburton.

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a listing of some Kerry endorsements

One from the Detroit Free Press .

Another from Bush's Hometown newspaper.

Other recent Kerry endorsements come from John Eisenhower lifelong Republican and son of Republican President, Dwight D Eisenhower as well as a whole host of labor endorsements and Corporate Leaders.

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don't forget about Poland....

Poland is making plans to withdraw from Iraq by the end of 2005.

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test, check....

and here's another one fer fun! No surprises here, my dream come true! LOL!

Which Band Member Would You Be?
this quiz was made by Erin @ Bored Now

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wanna be a hippie coz life is so sweet....

Which Decade Are You Stuck In?
Made by Erin @ Bored Now

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Saturday, October 02, 2004

more on Florida election concerns

Another voice of reason follows up and responds to the outrage and uproar coming from the Right (no surprise there) regarding the concerns voiced by Jimmy Carter for the viability of having a trouble-free and fair election in Florida on November 2nd.

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John Kerry is a true American Hero!

Every U.S. Citizen should make it his/her business to see Going Up River: The Long War of John Kerry!

We just got back from seeing it and it was an eye-opening affirmation about a thoughtful and honorable man of true courage and integrity! Go see for yourself! It gives me hope about the future of our country and politics. John Kerry is the real deal!

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