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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

voting family style!

Hubby, daughter and I just got back from voting!!! Hubby headed into work right after and all of us were pleased at how easy and positive an experience it was to cast our vote this year! I wish that it could be this easy all over the country today; I consider us to be very lucky and I feel a really deep sense of gratitude toward the wonderful poll workers who introduced us to the new method of casting votes (on a machine with a dial - gotta say it was easy to use and very clear to see the votes casted before hitting the send button) and made us feel very comfortable to ask any questions we needed. It was a totally positive experience and I'm so very proud of those wonderful volunteers for making our voting experience such a wonderful one!

This was an especially momentous year for our family, because our 18 year old daughter participated in her first election!!! Mom and Dad, needless to say, are very very proud!!! And our daughter, like many in her generation, duly dubbed Generation E (for Empowered - how cool is that????), by Joe Trippi, are energized and utterly motivated to take on the responsibility of deciding their future, by casting votes this year.

There is a palpable electricity, a real magic in the air today! No matter what happens, I truly believe that the citizes of the USA are taking those very importants steps to national adulthood. I really think that this is the beginning of some long-term, grassroots activism and that we are all going to start taking seriously our right and our responsibility to preserve true democracy in this country.

This is only the beginning!!! YAY!!!

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