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Monday, December 06, 2004

Scalia makes chilling assertion in Orthodox Synagogue

Found the story at Common Dreams News Center.

"Scalia has an extraordinary way of not letting facts confound his arguments, but this time he's gone completely over the top by suggesting that a separation of church and state facilitated the Holocaust. If his comments had gotten wider coverage (they were only noted in one small AP article, and one in the Jerusalem Post), they may have brought America's largest religious communities - both Christian and Jewish - into the streets."

This seems to be a pretty ironic and naive assertion coming from a Supreme Court Justice, considering Hitler's not-infrequent use of his supposed Christian faith to support his warped ideology. Whether or not he was a good or a devout or even a truly practicing Christian is entirely beside the point. The point is that he used it as a useful tool to frame his ideology of hate, that ultimately led to the Holocaust. Hitler left a trail of quotes for any historian to review. One would think that a Supreme Court Justice would be familiar with them and enough of a critical thinker to grasp the simple fact that a great danger of abuse and misuse of any religious belief (or stated belief, whether actual or not) can easily be exploited as a tyrannical political tool when a separation of church and state is willfully eroded.

To find some of Hitler's use of Christianity in his speeches, check out this site for starters.

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