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Thursday, January 27, 2005

the religious left?

Utne Reader has some really great links to various religious leaders who provide some food for thought for the left.

Although that word religion often has a very negative connotation to those of us who have had extremely negative experiences within the dogmatic constraints of any kind of formalized organized religion, as opposed to the much preferred notion and personal experience of spirituality, these links all provide some of the most thoughtful ideas about the meaning of moral values within the framework of the more traditional religions. Definitely well-worth the read!

"Of course, non-believers are wary that the phrase 'moral values' is becoming synonymous with religion. Opposition to the war, concern for the poor, and support for environmentally sound policies are, after all, morally rooted positions shared by agnostics and atheists. As comedian Jon Stewart noted while wrapping up an amicable interview with Wallis earlier this week on The Daily Show, "Works without faith, is still pretty good."~~~HL,, 01-27-2004

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