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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

is this what is meant by animal husbandry???

When I heard the clip of this on Randi Rhodes I couldn't believe it was real... but alas, this freak on a leash (or at least a freak that should be leashed) is one of the exalted anti-choice movement's finest minds. Is it my imagination or are a great many of the righteous right having a collective meltdown right before our eyes?

Zero credibility, people. ZERO CREDIBILITY... and clowns like this one have the nerve to imply that they are the moral authority of this nation? I dunno, maybe this is the end times but if that's the case, I've got a gut feeling and some bad news for some of these people; Jesus doesn't know you... and he wants his name back.

If you haven't heard the clip, check it out here, listed under the scintillating title, A Roll in the Hay.

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