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Sunday, November 21, 2004

thanks for nothin...

well, it looks like the idiotic we're not sorry is now a (cough)spoof(cough) called you're welcome... yeah, because nothing's funnier than the celebration of millions of unenlightened voters happily handing the keys of democracy over to a man who has blatantly with willful arrogance ridden roughshod over it in the guise of freedom on the march.

Meanwhile, the sane world has responded to we're sorry everybody with apologies accepted.

And not sorry not everybody has evidently been set up to follow the proceedings and fallout of the sorry/not sorry camps.

There is one thing I can honestly say I'm not sorry about and that is in this fine country of ours, we can still speak out one way or the other. Now about the dubious integrity of our voting process...

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