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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

o canada

The rain has finally stopped but all day I've been experiencing a bit of wistful homesickness for Alberta in general and Banff in particular. Though we only lived in beautiful Calgary for nine months, it was an idyllic and almost completely carefree time for our family. And winter, though very cold, was also very beautiful! We lived in the outskirts of Northern Calgary and our house faced a beautiful piece of grazing land full of beautiful cattle; we used to love to watch them out there just peacefully grazing without a care in the world. And many nights we had a beautiful Northern Light show on display.

I'll never forget the first time I saw Lake Louise or that incredible aquamarine shimmering beauty of the water and the reflection of the mountains in its mirrored face. I came across the explanation for it again while looking at this lovely site!

"These lakes are blessed with a brilliant blue color which results from the light filtering effect of rock flour (a powdery substance that the glaciers grind off the mountain rocks) in the glacial runoff."~~~from

I hope that someday, we will get to take a train up to Canada and through the Canadian Rockies and, if we do, I hope we can spend several days in the beautiful Banff area and (nearby) Calgary once more. I don't remember my dreams very often at all, but one of the most vivid ones I've ever had is part memory of standing along the shore of Lake Louise and gazing into those mystical beautiful waters, and (Calgary-born) Jann Arden's wonderdrug, floating through that rarified air. A little slice of heaven!

beautiful image, Lake Louise Sunrise
© talented photographer Ron Niebrugge

Check out all of his most beautiful images at Niebrugge Images and prepare to be completely enchanted!

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