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Saturday, January 08, 2005

meet the flinstones?

"In the beginning...Adam walked with dinosaurs" or so says Ken Ham, Australian evangelist who is building a multi-million-dollar Museum of Creation in Kentucky this spring. Reported by James Langston at the news.telegraph online.

"The centrepiece of the museum is a series of huge model dinosaurs, built by the former head of design at Universal Studios, which are portrayed as existing alongside man, contrary to received scientific opinion that they lived millions of years apart."

I kept looking for some indication that this was some kind of a put-on but... um, apparently not..... but wait there's more... read the article... if you dare.

If anyone had told me that something like this would be possible in the 21st century I would have laughed at them. Somehow I'm having a hard time finding the whole thing funny right now... strange days indeed... :-(

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