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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

pre-zep jp on fresh air

yesterday... and of course, I missed it, and for some reason I cannot get the clips to work for me there. I'm too dense to figure out why it gives the option of real one (which I have), then when I try to play it it converts it to quick-time (which I have) but has this mysterious "smil" thingie on it and then I get a message that it won't convert or something like that. Yes, I am a dork. a very depressed one too because I'm not gonna be able to hear that clip. Oh well, for those who might be interested and who can make it work for them, follow this linkie and then scroll down to The Pre-Zeppelin Jimmy Page and enjoy it doubly on my behalf as well as yours.... (sob)

a Yardbirds' era JP playing bass
courtesy the awesomely extensive Led Zeppelin Photo Album, my favourite LZ related resource!

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