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Friday, May 27, 2005

america's dominant fiction: the isolationist

Maggie at Myth and Culture has a fascinating, dead~on analysis of the American Psyche as expressed through our Collective Dominant Fiction (which, she explains, is the way a society views its own ideological "reality").

The familiar, underlying theme for America is that of the rugged individualist, often resulting in a me against the world sentiment, because in order to create a mythology of standing apart from others, a little ahead of the pack, a little bit outside the realm of the group consciousness, there must be by necessity an "other" or an "opposition" to mirror this "reality".

This goes a long, long way in explaining our historical, ongoing isolationist tendencies and the problems that inevitably arise from such a stance and an almost visceral need to create separating that results in friction if not outright conflict.

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