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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"the ghost of an america i used to know"

This post at the always wonderful Spontaneous Arising pointed me in the direction of Whiskey Bar's poignantly beautiful Goodbye Columbus.

"America doesn't really believe in democracy any more. It's just a slogan used to sell unpopular wars, or justify the greasy manuevers of a corrupt political machine. America doesn't want social justice, either -- just a few extra crumbs from the tables of the wealthy. It worships power and material success and expects those who don't to hold their tongues. It hears what it wants to hear and sees what it wants to see, and it has a corporate media establishment increasingly dedicated to ensuring that it always does."

Read it and weep for a hopeful America, long ago and light years away from us now:

"What I saw in Jimmy John's hot dog stand was the ghost of an America I used to know -- a land of little guys looking for a place to build something. Of strong unions and good-paying jobs that didn't require a PhD. Of black and white televisions where you could watch the cheesiest ads imaginable. Of corner drug stores and transistor radios and long evenings spent sitting on the front porch, talking to the neighbors.

Read it and weep, but don't ever, ever give up hope for the future and don't ever stop fighting for those democratic ideals that America is meant to stand for. It's not over yet; not by a long shot ~ not if the wake up call gets through to the decent vast majority of sleeping Americans.

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