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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

weekend pics

And more self-indulgence here. This weekend was pet house cleaning: I cleaned our guinea pigs hutch and the bird house and hubby cleaned our goldfish tank. While I was doing piggie hutch housekeeping, Stu captured some pics of our boys, Captain and Morgan:

You can't really see it in the pic, but Captain is the white piggie with a black "eye patch" over his right eye; and Morgan is the tri~coloured white, tan and chocolate one. They had a great time grazing in the grass (supervised by Suzanne and Stu of course) while I was cleaning!

MacKenzie and Groucho are both doing much much better now and MacKenzie is now free of the cumbersome e~collar so we snapped a quick one of him without it:

He still was feeling a little under the weather that day; but he's so much better now!

And here's Groucho and Mina:

And Ms. Gwennie:

And two more of my beautiful girl, coz mommy's proud:

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