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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

bach, batatas... and homework

The dearth of posts lately can be explained, at least partly, by the obligation of homework. I'm also finding it a bit difficult to engage in the more frivolous netsurfing that I usually indulge in with joyous abandon; whicn, in turn leads to links and commentary here.

I did spend some time surfing for links about one of my fav subjects, Easter Island, the other day because I couldn't remember if I'd ever read anything definitive about DNA testing to prove that the Islanders were Polynesian rather than Incan - turns out they are in fact Melanesian rather than of South American origin though there is still the intriguing, mysterious origin of that amazing stone wall at Ahu Vinapu that is so reminiscent of the precise stone work prevalent in Andean culture; that and the presence of sweet potatoes (errr, actually the original name is batata a plant that originates in South America, some 2500 miles away).

About a million links later, I was in heaven and as always, learned a bunch of new and interesting little things to keep me happily preoccupied, for the evening anyway. I thought about posting something then, too, but I couldn't bring myself to do it because my blog reminds me of everything that is depressing me right now, so I let it go for another day.

Tonight I've been (trying) to study and listening to Bach, always good for the structured sort of orderly beauty, the very sort of thing that gives one a small if intangible sense of security in an an otherwise insecure and unpredictable world; currently in the heavenly midst of an enchanting Brandenburg Concerto #6 and all's right within my very small piece of the world... for the moment anyway.

Anyway, revisiting Rapa Nui is probably not the smartest idea when one considers the inevitable tragedy it ended up being for a once thriving community; but I suppose I'm not surprised that my mind was there in view of the Katrina tragedy. Just another reminder of the fragility of our place, our presence in the grand scheme of things. If we cannot learn to bow to nature, to live wisely within her parameters, and to prepare and plan for the moments of inevitable potential destruction, then we will always end up paying the price.

Our beautiful New Orleans, our beautiful Gulf Coast is a shared natural resource and a shared national responsibility. Our government let down those who trusted in our ability to protect them. How we could not have been prepared for this potential inevitability I will never understand....

And now, with Hurricane Ophelia bearing down on the Carolinas it is hard not to be worried sick over what will happen next. The worst part of all of this is that the Hurricane season is only just now coming into full swing.

I'm praying and hoping hard that we don't get hit hard with anymore natural disasters this autumn. I'm honestly wondering how we will be able to withstand another one, in view of what we have just witnessed in the way of emergency preparedness and in view of our economic/financial situation.

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