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Friday, October 21, 2005

warning: ultimate self-indulgent post (even for me)

Can I just say that I absolutely love my brand new Aveda skin care products? Especially this???

I don't usually fork over much money for stuff like this but my 47 year old skin was demanding that I pay extra-special attention to it because let's face facts, it isn't going to be able to bounce back from constant inattention and overly harsh facial products much longer. So, yeah, it was an incredibly big indulgence, but I really love the way my face looks and feels these last few days. Major YAYness!!!

The other sign that I'm beginning to really worry about my mortality and the condition it stays in, while I'm still here, was the long overdue physical I just had with my primary care physician. I don't know why I'm such a dope and put off that sort of thing but it has been, probably 3 or 4 years since I've seen him so I went in and got the works, and I already feel better from the relief of finally getting it done! And going back reminded my of how lucky I am to have such an awesome doctor. He's really great and easy to talk to and gives me hope that I can get all my various medical issues straightened out and clarified ~ and he doesn't treat me like I'm some sort of a clueless hypochondriac.

So anyway, without going into too much gory detail about the myriad reasons I ended up giving in and going to the doc, I can honestly say I already feel so much better than I have the last several weeks... and life is good again!

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