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Friday, November 18, 2005

the friday random 10

Reinforcing the fact that I'm just so NOT a trendsetter, I was reminded in blogsurfing today, that this is the day that most people do a little thing called the Friday Random 10. I always think I'm gonna do it (alot like Friday cat blogging) and then I almost always forget.

Today I remembered, and I want to be like all the cool kids (that's the telltale sign of a total follower and not a leader, right?); so left behind am I on this particular trend, that I've been eclipsed by the other team.

That put me off the idea altogether for at least a month. LOL! But, hey, I'm music obsessed and when I'm reminded of it, I wanna play too. I just hope that by doing it, I'm not sounding its death knell.

Anyway, my Friday random 10:

  1. Linda Ronstadt: Moonlight in Vermont

  2. The Beatles: Oh Darling

  3. Iona: Mark ~ The Lion

  4. Bert Jansch: Sweet Death

  5. The Tubes: Outside Looking In

  6. AC/DC: Who Made Who

  7. Morphine: Like Swimming

  8. Led Zeppelin: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

  9. Rolling Stones: I Got the Blues

  10. Joni Mitchell: Last Chance Lost

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