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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

scary date!!!!

This is probably one of the scariest things I've ever done; I'm shaking even as I type this...but at one of the message boards I frequent, suddenly everyone is posting photos so now I'm scared if I don't people will think that I think I'm such a troll I am not fit to see the light of day....but if I do post it, I open myself up to horrible terrifying scrutiny. Sure if we were meeting in real time it would be no different but somehow being able to talk to people up front seems less scary somehow...

Oh well, since I don't have any place else to post the photos except here I've decided to post the photos here as well. To make matters worse, I have a billion old barely alive scanner and an apparently now dead (and incredibly cheapa**ed to begin with) digital camera. So all I have to show for it is a few ancient (yes I am about 3 million years old-LOL!) photos, one of which I have chosen and then a few new ones (pre-digital camera death that is - who knows - maybe I AM a troll and broke the darn thing with too much exposure to ugly !) that make me look like an alien - I mean for Chrissake I am pale but not THAT pale - and where did my nose go???? Every friggin picture turned out that way too. :-( I don't know - I was probably doing something wrong, and I tried to fix it at the time of the photo taking as well as trying to mess with it in Photoshop Elements 2 but - I guess I just suck.

Oh well, the bright side is (YES, there is one - YaaaaY!!!) that I have a feeling that this Christmas Santa just might bring me a REAL digital camera - not so sure about the scanner though...and that is a shame because I really need to have a working one for about a million reasons....but I digress.

See, I'm clearly procrastinating here.....because I'm terrified. So please, PLEASE be kind. Anyway here goes nothing:

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