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Friday, December 10, 2004

finished quite awhile ago

but I neglected to post that till now...

The great book lil sis lent to me:

"Oh, it was a sad world, and it seemed to only get sadder. As I pushed on through central California I kept thinking about all the lost ones of the world, all the ghosts, and my little baby soul was dark and cold as I rode down what I'd truly come to feel was The Loneliest Road in America." ~NEP

It was a really great read! Thanks Suz! One really cool thing is that Neil Peart is now a fan of a book that I've loved ever since I picked it up (in the same way he did actually, though about a decade earlier than he did!) at a Utah national park book store:

Edward Abbey was a real character and some have called him a Conservation Anarchist but two things have endeared him to many, including myself: He loved and respected the wild and pristine beauty of the Western United States with a ferocity unmatched by most and he had a simple yet eloquent way of communicating that in his writings.

Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness is Edward Abbey at his finest and a gem of a book! Neil Peart's book, Ghostrider echoes some of that solitary eloquence and was another really enjoyable read!

A favourite Desert Solitaire excerpt:

"In the mixture of starlight and cloud-reflected sunlight in which the desert world is now illuminated, each single object stnds forth in preternatural though transient brilliance, a final assertion of existence before the coming of night; each rock and shrub and tree, each flower, each stem of grass, diverse and separate, vividely isolate, yet joined each to every other in a unity which generously includes me and my solitude as well." ~~~EA

Beautiful meditations and thoughts on our most precious and rapidly diminishing wild Western landscape....

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