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Friday, February 18, 2005

revisiting the majestic

I know this movie was pretty much roundly panned and didn't do so well at the box office. The first three reviews listed on the Yahoo movie page cite it as sappy, somewhat phony and easy to forget; one of the reviews calls it little more than a Jimmy Stewart Shrine ~ ha! I knew there had to be a reason I loved it so much!

I guess I've got no taste or else I'm just a sentimental sap (both actually are probably very true) but I really love this movie; it gets me every time.

We ended up watching it again this time around because it was a homework assignment for Mina. The story seems as relevent within the framework of today's national consciousness and the ongoing threats to the erosion of our constitution as it was relevent to the terrible era of 50s McCarthyism.

If the story truly is heavyhanded about it, I just don't see it. If ever there was a need for a wake-up call... but in any case, that little town and the story of the people who inhabit it is just irresistible to my sensibilities every time I see it.

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