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Thursday, February 17, 2005

roosevelt's grandson: hume should apologize

James Roosevelt Jr: Hume's "outrageous distortion" of FDR "calls for a retraction, an apology, maybe even a resignation" ~ from an appearance by Roosevelt on Keith Olberman's Countdown and reported at Media Matters.

It's one thing to be a pundit with an opinion; it's bad enough that the O'Reillys and Hannitys of the so-called fair and balanced network, bend and distort the truth at the slightest whim, but Britt Hume is a journalist whose specific job at that joke of a network is supposed to be to report the news, not distort it and interpret it to his own personal ideological bent.

As Al Franken has stated, this most shameful intentional misrepresentation of historical facts is far worse than Dan Rather's sin of rushing a story without getting the authenticity of a document checked first; a document that, BTW, has never had the reported information it contained disputed or denied by the President. A document that, while MAY or MAY NOT have been authentic NEVERTHELESS contained factual information.

I grieve for the sorry state of journalism in this country. Once upon a time, journalists were interested in reporting the truth. NO ONE was above or beyond the scrutiny of a free press. That is the way it was intended, in order to keep our news authentic and propaganda-free.

Look at what our press has become; a weak and ineffective mouthpiece to the political propaganda we are being spoonfed. It's a disgrace and until or unless the so-called credible journalists begin taking responsibility for their authenticity and integrity in reporting news, we are doomed to the fate of many an oppressed nation that gives little more than lip service to the cherished right AND obligation to practice free speech.

A nation that is so weak that it cannot stand up to the truth in the cold light of day is a nation in severe danger of losing the democratic principles, the very foundation upon which it has been created.

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