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Saturday, March 26, 2005

silly vanities

I've been in the mood to play with Photoshop alot more lately ~ something I really haven't done very much since I stopped making sig tags for my Superdudes sub-clan |di:va| last year. But the mood has hit me again and I also actually updated my poor little all-too-often neglected journal as well.

I'd forgotten how much fun that used to be and how much I miss going there but it just got to be too much after awhile. But now, I don't have a reason to post my sigtags anywhere. (silly but that was pretty much half the fun of it, for me anyway... LOL!)

This is really junky of me, I know but I just have the urge to post a couple of them here, just so I can look at them after so many months of them collecting dust in my photobucket. So if you can just indulge my vanity, it will all be over in a moment! ;-) BTW, the images used to make the sigs were found at an exhaustive resource of amazing anime and other art and wallpapers; copyright to the artists, all rights reserved to them.

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