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Thursday, March 24, 2005

an inspired life

I have two beautiful little spice finches, a 2004 birthday gift, named Kate and Spencer; though I suspect they are both actually the "Spencer" gender and so their nicknames are Heckyl and Jeckyl as they are a bit fiesty with each other on occasion. In other words, they don't so much like to dance cheek to cheek as go at it a bit, "beek to beek". They don't hurt each other but they do get a bit aggressive every now and again.

I am endlessly curious about the sounds that they make; or rather, I think maybe primarily only one of them does most of the talking. There is the rather constant and adorable per-cheek sound that one of them does while hop-flying back and forth in the cage, and also the occasionally loud pi-PEEEEEEEP. The other one, though, is the one whom I think makes an especially enchanting sound which usually corresponds to when the other bird is eating. It's a fast paced pip-pip-pip, trill, trill, trill, oh I can't do it; it starts out rather softly (and actually never gets very loud) but towards the end of the trilling it gets higher... oh its a gorgeously weird little sound.

I'm always trying to find out more about the sounds they make and I may just have to break down and buy this book but I just spent one of my many attempts at trying to find more information about their bird calls by searching. And as usual, I didn't find much.

But today I did find a story about a man who'd spent his entire life devoted to birds and studying their calls and working on behalf of some of their endangered species. I'd never heard of him until today, and that struck me as rather tragic because he is no longer on this planet; but he was someone who understood his life plan, his calling and he applied himself to it very very well.

His name was Luis Felipe Baptiste and in reading about him, it was so clear to feel the passion and joy he had for the work that he did. We should all be so lucky!

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