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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

stuff that made me laugh

I'm kind of punchy and have been all day; not enough sleep, I guess... But earlier today I ran across some silly gems that had me laughing so hard I was crying! I literally ran across these pretty much one right after the other and I had a stomach ache from laughing so hard by the time I was done.

Now, for those who might have missed these in their internet travels, I happily pass the linkloads of fun to you.

Note: these are of the variety that tend to tickle me the most, the kind where your appreciation for the lowest common denominator and the absurd is firmly in place! ;-)

Simon at Bluetealeaf links to this site which provided non-stop (admittedly often mean) ridiculously silly fun.

My favourite place was here because I have a really hard time understanding lyrics too; oh the delightful absurdity!

Eucalyptus found this place where a star is born with a click of a mouse! But when I saw the star he posted I just about wet my pants!

But if Jar-Jar can have a star, then so can I darn it! Here's mine:

(I'm ready for my close up Mr. de Mille)

Leave it to Stupid Beautiful Lies to come up with the thoughtful ruminations that make up this ode, excrement. If I haven't lost you yet, you have to read this. The way this guy writes... seriously, he can make poety out of... waste. No kidding. He's brilliant. OK, well, that's my take on it. And he makes me laugh.
Go on. Read it. You know you want to...

Now if you can handle digesting anything, go sink your teeth into Joey, the Accordian Guy's funny-food find entitled Rejected Wedding Cake Idea #1!

Kim at Bacon and Eh's has the scoop on the number of f**ks in Deadwood. Hint: it's alot. If you really wanna know, you can get your FPM info and everything. And... If you really wanna know what FPM is you can get your answer there as well. :-P

This post from Defective Yeti is the one that pretty much sent me into that dangerous laughing-so-hard-I-cant-breathe zone, but keep in mind that I had been judiciously prepped by the previous posts. Yes, I'm actually listing these links in the order they were found, and I found them, pretty much one after the other, so by the time I landed on Yeti's doorstep the well of laughter's pump was realllly primed.

Ahhh, life is good! Then, I went here! No, I'm not posting to a particular entry and once you are there you will know why. It's all pure gold. It's kinda sorta mean gold maybe, and maybe it's kinda fool's gold too when you are especially vulnerable coz you haven't had enough sleep (I mean by this time, I'm wondering if you can die from laughing too hard and if you are laughing at someone else's expense when you die, well isn't that kinda bad karma or something????), but it's gold nevertheless.

And since I was doomed anyway, I knew that if I was gonna go, Bryanboy should do the honour of giving me the witty lethal injection that would surely do me in because he never fails to hit me where I live!

And as always, he was brilliantly funny. But, brilliant as he is, that post wasn't the one that did me in.

This post from Piglatin is the one that lethally busted my gut.

So that's it for awhile; I need some serious recuperation in a no-laugh zone (because it hurts too much) and... also I think I need some sleep...

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