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Monday, March 21, 2005

and speaking of sideshows

Wish I'd said this but I'm so glad that she did and so eloquently too!

"We don't just read left-wing resources. We find that we have to read damn-near everything to find out what's going on. That makes it impossible to rely on our local newspapers, because we know that the facts come out in dribs and drabs in newspapers and magazines all over the nation - indeed, all over the world. Why should we have to rely on the Guardian to find out what the United States is doing? Why aren't these things on the front page of The Washington Post and The New York Times? Why are some stories - legitimate, important stories - left to Salon and The New Yorker, rather than covered by the major papers? Why is it that I can find the right-wing spin in The Washington Post but don't even find out what the liberal response is until I read The Nation?"
~~~Avedon Carol 03-20-2005

Read all about the Dumb Media at the Sideshow.

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