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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

the deplorable "save toby" hoax

Yes, it is a hoax, for those who didn't know; a hoax that is of incredibly poor taste (no surprise there, naturally) but a hoax nevertheless; Posting the debunking page to my blog, because I'm a volunteer for the Bunny Bunch and this last paragraph really say it all:

"Those truly moved by the plight of Toby, Bernd, or Fluffy should consider donating a bit of their spare cash to their local animal shelters or rescue groups, entities that all too often have bunnies dumped upon them by those who have decided they can no longer be bothered to keep their pets, or to rabbit-specific groups such as the Rabbit Rescue and Rehab of New York, Tidewater Rabbit Rescue of Virginia, and Zooh Corner."

~~~Barbara "bunny money" Mikkelson

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