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Saturday, April 30, 2005

shine it all around

WOOOHOOOO!!!!! Tickets for RP and the Strange Sensation concert at Embarcadero Marina Park in San Diego on July 21st just went on sale and I've got our tickets!!!!

I'm over the moon! As annoyed as I've been with ole Percy lately, I've never gotten to see him perform live so I'm suspending that emotion and allowing pure joy to rule the day instead!!! We've already gotten the chance to see JPJ when he was touring with King Crimson a few years back (fantastic show BTW) so once we see RP that only leaves Jimmy on my short list of the the three concert experiences that I must have before I die. Of course, he's at the top of that list....


I'm seriously worried about the chances of ever seeing him though. And that would really break my heart if we never get the chance... oh well... I'm not going to give up hope... maybe the BEST will be saved for LAST!!!!

Anyway, it's impossible to be anything but completely elated at the moment! Just ordered Robert's latest, Mighty Rearranger which I hear is really good.

Check out Shine It All Around, which I've gotta say I think totally RAWKS!

Found link at Simply JD Online! Rock ON Brothers and Sisters in Zep!!!

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