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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

shut up and sing?

Forgive me for airing my dirty laundry publically; especially over someone I don't know personally and therefore, have no reason to do so, nor could he possibly care less... but when I found this, I finally snapped. Honestly, as a rabid Zepfan, I lurves ya Percy, honestly I do (like you care, I know) but.... WTF??? I don't know what it is about Mr. Plant, but with every interview the last few years, he manages to increasingly daze and confuse (and all too frequently outrage, if not not utterly annoy) me with what feels to me to be manipulative doublespeak.

But, okay, maybe that's just me. It's just that not only do I feel like he is forever sending mixed messages to JP and JPJ (dangle that carrot, why dontcha) but as a zepfan that never saw the three remaining members perform together live and would naturally just die happily for the chance to do so, I feel as though I'm getting taken around the mulberry bush right along with them.

What exactly does this statement mean anyway?

He says, "I would have put my robes on and my crown, my sceptre... What a way to spend the weekend.

"It'd be nice to get together to see if we have anything to argue about."

heh... ahem... cough, cough (publicity inducing soundbites to confuse the unwashed short attentioned-spanned masses) cough, cough. Wink, nudge, (Got to sell my [admittedly fantastic and oh-so-worthy on it's own merits] album) cough cough (because as dear old Madge proved and Britney confirmed there's no better promotion then outrageous statements and controversy to sell a product these days) cough cough, ahem....

Erm, yeah, that's kinda what I thought. Love you too, Robert. Bought the cd, bought the tickets. Soon I'll finally be able to say been there, done that and I've no doubt I'll be very glad I was able to because I don't think there's any question that you are an incredibly talented performer and I could kick myself repeatedly for missing the few opportunities I've ever had to actually indulge in the privilege. But I've gotta say I find myself cringing, when I read some of the more outrageous (and frankly sometimes very hurtful) things that comes out of your mouth particularly when directed towards your former bandmates.

Foolish rant over and done with. I'm just a fangirl, and I really need to watch those boundaries between reality and imagining that this would even matter to the artist in question.... and YES I take it all waaaay to seriously, I know. heh... but did I mention that it is a really great album? well I've only heard Shine It All Around but the reviews have been fantastic... ummm, okay, I'm done now.

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