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Thursday, June 16, 2005

jimmy receives mojo maestro award

YAY! (UMMM, just updated this post to say: ....WHOOPS! This was back in 2004 which I kinda already knew and promptly forgot...heh; actually I believe JP was a guest at this year's event, though, and I was looking too hard to capture that story and not hard enough at the actual date when I jumped on this last year's model of the event)

Story here.

Photo op is here:

courtesy (thank you so much for making my night!)

Life is good again for the moment... that is all.... :-)


Per RH's June 15 diary entry, JP attended this event. Be sure to click on the art imitating art photo op of JP and Jim Marshall revisiting that famous Johnny Cash pic that Jim Marshall captured back in the day.

There; I think I redeemed my cluelessness a bit. And that's really all for now.

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