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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

sex, power & cocoanut cream pies

In catching up with the blogosphere I was dismayed to discover all that trouble in paradise; with this post, Meanwhile Back at the Ranch sums it all up nicely.

Hmmmm, all this talk of cocoanut cream pies and shaved/non-shaved talk has me immersed in a fantasy; I can't help it, just can't stop thinking about it so I'll fess up.

See, it involves this guy, Ginger and Mary Ann... and not a razor for the purpose of shaving in sight. Where am I in this??? oh, I just like to watch. I'm guessing the personal stock of any woman, even ones without properly groomed legs goes up very very high on a desert island, population 3, even if one of the three is our discerning fellow. Too bad for him that Ginger and Mary Ann are lesbians in this scenario. Ohhhh, the pain, the pain.....


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