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Thursday, July 07, 2005

6 blast rock london, killing at least two

Report here and here:

LONDON (AP) - At least six blasts rocked the London subway and tore open a packed double-decker bus during the morning rush hour Thursday, police said, killing at least two people and injuring nine, prompting officials to shut down the entire underground transport network.

The near simultaneous explosions came a day after London was awarded the 2012 Olympics and as the G-8 summit was getting underway in Scotland. Initial reports blamed a power surge, but officials were not ruling out an intentional attack.

London Explosions Timeline

Found link via It's Morning Somewhere

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our brothers and sisters across the sea.

***Updated*** 7:05 a.m.:

to add link to BBC Report which states "An Islamist website has posted a statement - purportedly from al-Qaeda - claiming it was behind the attacks."

Also posted at The Moderate Voice are several links and updated information as well as at Pam's House Blend, found via Julien's List.

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