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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Peter King spouts vile; integrity is shot

Peter King has some fresh nerve: Rep. King Says Russert and Others in Media Should 'Be Shot,' Not Karl Rove

The hypocrisy emanating from the mouths of these contempible clowns on the right is simply staggering. This disengenuous bottom feeder has the unmitigated gall to attempt to demonize those who would challenge the despicable outing of a CIA agent expressly for the purpose of revenge. And revenge for what? For the simple reason that Joe Wilson refused to allow this administration to continue lying about information that they willfully distorted to justify a war that they knew would not be supported by this country otherwise.

This administration is shameful and those who defend these contempible actions by deflecting their own sins onto those who call them on it are as guilty as the corrupt powers that be that they will do anything to defend. This is the end of decency and the death of democracy. WHO EXACTLY IS BEING TREASONOUS HERE????

It is time for all decent Americans to wake up and raise their voices against this disgrace. George W. Bush is NOT the United States of America. This administration is NOT the United States of America. Supporting the actions of this shameful administration is NOT supporting our troops, our way of life or the very principles that our great nation was founded upon. The respect for the Office of the President MUST BE EARNED and this President has not earned that respect. We have been lied to; we have been horribly failed by this administration.

Lest we forget: WE are the United States of America and this Administration works for us. And they are doing a scandalously horrid job of it.

This relentlessly ongoing abuse of power has got to come to end, before there is nothing left to protect and defend. These unprincipled vipers better thank their lucky stars that they have been spared the divine retribution they make so much claim to believing in; they'd better Thank the very Heavens above for the compassion of a Creator that they themselves so completely lack within themselves.

Heaven help us all...

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