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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

prayer vigil for cindy in orange

We just got back from the Prayer Vigil for Cindy Sheehan in Orange this evening. Vigils were planned for all over the United States at 7:30 p.m. this evening; CNN has some coverage here.

I debated over whether to take the camera or not but decided I would like to try to commemorate the evening. The images were (as all of mine typically are) a mixed bag of mediocre to terrible because I just don't seem to be able to take very good pics. Some of them all blurry and most of the shots I took trying to capture the size of the crowd are so small that it was hard to really see that. Also the flash was not cooperating. So here they are, for better or for worse.

This was what we saw as we arrived; there was between 150-250 people there I believe. The site was at the Orange Circle which has a circular park in the middle. The crowd formed a circle around the outside perimeter of the park.

The rest of the images are not going to be in any particular order because I'm not even sure exactly when I shot them:

My sister Suzanne lights her candle.

and sends out her intentions for the best possible outcome for all.

And now a mixed bag of vigil and post-vigil shots:

The crowd was low-key and positive and there was a lot of "drive by" support; people honking their horns and flashing peace signs. There were also those who drove by and made the usual derogatory statements but not nearly so many and frankly, the vibe was so good when we were praying and sending out positive intent, that I found it impossible to feel anything but a desire to send them some of those healing vibes so they could share in it.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and one that renewed my sense of hope and faith in our country to do the right thing.

There were also 7 Bush supporters across the street, who for the most part, refrained from being ugly, but I had to laugh when I saw a sign that said: STOP THE LITTLE WARD CHURCHILLS!

I thought it was funnier that when I pointed my camera at it, the sign was removed before I could capture it and I never saw it again after that. The funniest part of all though, was that I was not able to get my zoom to work properly anyway, so I probably couldn't have captured a readable pic of it, even if they hadn't scurried it away.

Anyway, here is the group of Pro-War advocates:

And we can all be thankful that we still live in a nation that allows all opinions to be voiced. And that is one of the best and biggest blessings we have in this country.

And because I can say it I will: SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! BRING THEM HOME NOW!

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