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Sunday, October 23, 2005

rock'n'roll never forgets

Last night we went to see The Foo Fighters (with Weezer and Hot Hot Heat who opened the show) and it was awesome! To be honest I was completely dreading this event, even though I absolutely love The Foo Fighters and really like Weezer too (thanks to years of hearing their very likeable tunes second-hand as they blasted right through my daughter's closed bedroom door) and Hot Hot Heat was lots of fun too.

I really dreaded going though because, well, because I'm 47 and that makes me just about a decade older than Dave Grohl who is probably the oldest band member that played that night. But to my surprise there were people of all ages there ~ people, (gasp) even older than me; Grohl later confirmed this by (oh horrors) taking an audience poll by cheers and when he asked if there were any people in their 50s out in the audience, he actually got alot of response !


I guess maybe I won't worry about that issue any more because evidently Rock music is the great uniter of generations these days. How cool is that?

The thing that I felt worst about, before we left and still felt terrible about, when we got home, is that the one person who couldn't go was Mina (she loves both Weezer and Foo) because she had to work. I just felt terrible because she should have been the one to go with her friends, more justified than 3 old geezers like us going (hubby, sis and me - well, ok, sis is NOT an old geezer - right Suz? LOL!); or at least that's what my guilty conscience couldn't help feeling.... But that is just the way it worked out. I'm really hoping that she will get more opportunities to go to concerts because when I was her age that is what I absolutely lived for! There was just nothing better in this world as far as I was concerned: better than movies, or Lobo basketball, better than anything else we would do for entertainment.

Though, it in no way can make up for not being there, I did buy Mina a couple of tee shirts (a Weezer and a Foo Fighter one) as a consolation prize and I think she really likes them. Nice tees; of course, hubby groused a bit about the price but that's to be expected. :-)

Anyway, last night was a first rate rock show with amazingly loud acoustics, gorgeous light shows and brave frontmen who went out into the middle of the crowd for a couple of special performance moments. And yes, there was indeed, a certain... medicinal smell... so hauntingly familiar, wafting through the air; a scent that took me back to my regularly scheduled concertgoing days... way back when...

The Foo Fighters from their official photo gallery
The Foo Fighters
courtesy of their official photo gallery

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