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Monday, October 31, 2005

spooky front porch

The front porch has been decorated (thanks to hubby) and went for a trial run last night. Here's the result:

I've been feeling so yucky lately that I didn't get into decorating the house in its October Halloweenesque attire this year. Which is kinda depressing but hopefully I'll be feeling well enough to decorate for November and Thanksgiving by next weekend at the latest.

Anyway, I think Stu did a good (albeit quick and dirty) job on the front porch. Scary movies are nearby, candy is ready to be filled in the bowls (sans one mini-mounds bar I stole this morning!!! :-P shame on me...) so all we need is nightfall and lots of little goblins to shout "TRICK OR TREAT"!!! I hope we get a good turnout this year.

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