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Thursday, November 24, 2005

i'm thankful for...

YaY!!! Happy Thanksgiving to me!!! Our cable modem has been on the blink off and on the last couple of days so I'm sorry I haven't been able to post much. Worse yet, I wasn't able to upload homework either. ohoh. But that is another story.

Anyway, making the rounds today at all my various news sources, I discovered via PZ forum that L-Z News has the latest info about JP's upcoming, long-awaited (certainly by moi!) solo album.

I cannot wait to get this:

jack white and jimmy page grace the December Guitar Magazine cover

Oh and an added bonus also found via PZ Forum; a never been published interview with JP by one of the forum members; he posted it to his blog The Maxes!

Especially loved this:
JM: Looking back as an adult on yourself almost 40 years ago, would you have any advice to give the young Jimmy Page---anything you would have done differently?

JP: It is what it is. There’s no way you can do that. It’s a journey that I had to take just as much as anything else. It was total commitment to the band, to the music, to the writing, to the performing, to the studio, to the production. That was my life. It must have been in my DNA. We were totally different people. Still are. But when we came together, the elements had a chemical element. That was the magic of Led Zeppelin. It was dancing on the precipice.

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