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Sunday, November 06, 2005

intelligence doc revelations at odds with reasoning for war

From the Left Coaster: Did Harry Reid Hit Bill Frist This Week With The "Smoking Gun"?

When Harry Reid shut down the Senate earlier this week due to Pat Roberts and Bill Frist’s stonewalling of a Phase Two investigation over how the Bush Administration used intelligence in making its case for war, many of us wondered why now? What took you guys so long to use a procedural lever that you’ve had available to you all along that could have been employed before the election to raise the issue of Bush’s lies into a campaign issue? Was it a sudden re-growth of guts and balls that did this, or did the Democrats now come into possession of new information that was withheld from them before the election that gave them the club to force this issue out into the open now? We now know the answer, and it is the latter.

The unraveling has begun. Read the whole thing here.

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