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Monday, April 10, 2006

things i'd rather ramble on about instead

This summer's planned anniversary vacation to Muir Woods

Ross Halfin's latest beautiful images of my Guitar God and the desktops I created with some of them:

Getting myself motivated to actually post to my highly neglected booklog, the great stuff I've been reading since... last year... yikes, including my most recent favourites: Michael Palin's Around the World in 80 Days, Pole to Pole (both which got me through a pair of uncomfortable nights at the hospital ~ Michael I love you and I'm forever in your debt!) and Sahara. I don't have Himalaya (the book companion) yet, and I still need this one as well, but I've got the most awesome dvd which started this whole serendipitous armchair travel reading marathon with my favourite Python.

And to wax poetically over my two latest delightful reads (I need to update my sidebar but I just kinda gave up awhile ago) Margaret Sanborn's Yosemite which I purchased during last year's lovely vacation there but never got around to reading till last week and David Rothenberg's very lovely Why Birds Sing which I just received and couldn't resist starting to read earlier today. That's a very bad habit that keeps me disorganized and overflowing with stacks of half-started books all over the place ~ but I couldn't resist...

Brag about my very talented Care2 buddy Mark's band Giles latest awesome album which just happens to be called (ahem!) Dancing with Dolores and pretending that I was the inspiration for the song (when in fact the song had been written well before I ever knew how great Giles is! but a girl can dream about her own 15 minutes of fame, can't she?)

Revel in the beauty and delight of a perfect Southern California spring.

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