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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

a couple of things that defy categorization for the moment

The first one everyone probably already read but I thought it was awesome so I'm posting the link:

Shatner: Horses Can Help Disabled Kids

Yeah, I love William Shatner and I think this is really wonderful!!!! So many things really bring me down this decade (HA!) that I treasure every beautiful little gem like this because it restores my faith in the human race!

This next link... okay, don't harrass me about this. I got the link from a newsgroup I read (I know, I KNOW, but just humour me here a bit, okay????); something I'd never seen or heard of before:

UFO Disclosure Project UFO Meeting courtesy of Youtube.

YES, I watched it; every single minute of it and I was really intrigued...

At about 80:32 George Bush Sr. is mentioned. Then it gets reaaaaaally interesting. Whatever one may think about this kind of thing, it is still intriguing and fascinating stuff and the statements made about the way that Star Wars type programs and scenarios are justified by certain factions of our government... well, let's just say it was just another confirmation for me personally about the way our government is working to our detriment. This meeting happened in May 2001. As far as I know there has been no congressional hearing.

It occurs to me that this can be added on to the enormous pile of so September 10th casualties. Public disclosure of ANYTHING appears to be So September 10th with this lovely administration so it shouldn't be surprising that something as controversial as this would be.

Site link is here.

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