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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Against my better judgment last night, I followed the links to Loose Change and by the time I got through it I had the headache from hell and literally felt like hurling. Happily, it was time for the nightly walk with the dogs and I was never so happy for some fresh air and some sweet and innocent distraction in my life.

Regarding my better judgment: It's not that I think anything in it is wrong or particularly tinfoil; its rather that it rings entirely too true and that's the complete tragedy of it all. I already knew about much of it and I know what my sick gut and my broken heart already tells me. Sooner or later (and at this point I'm betting a whole lot sooner than later) the truth will out. And it's gonna be particularly ugly for those unable or unwilling to deal with the horrible truth. As for me, I've been living with the ugly truth for a long time and I'm ashamed to say that after 5 years of living with the fear and loathing over what this administration will do next or what latest unwanted revelation will follow I've just about tapped out my coping abilities with it all.

BTW, I don't suppose it takes much seuthsaying to see the writing on the wall these days, but the reason I'm certain this is all gonna come out is because my sweet wonderful hubby who is rational, sensible and Conservative (just not in the neocon insane way), who was horrified that I believed what I did relating 9-11 five years ago, now believes it is very likely after watching months and months of constant revelations about this administration. If you knew my hubby the way I know my hubby, this is a seismic change in his thinking. And he is shaken to the core over this, believe me.

And he's not the only one... it doesn't get any easier with time. After awhile, I find I've got to turn it off and put my head somewhere else before it explodes. So once again, I turn my thoughts to things that give me hope and joy, no matter how superficial it all may seem to the outside world.

I finally pre-ordered The Dixie Chicks' Taking the Long Way and I just bought Pink's I'm Not Dead (technically a birthday present for Mina but I imagine its gonna get alot of play by everyone here via the Family iTunes). Neil Young's Prairie Wind (something we should already have and I don't know why we don't except that these days it takes us forever to get our CD requirements fulfilled due to old age/forgetfulness I spose) and his latest are gonna be next.

I'm really anticipating the summer now because not only are we planning the vacation getaway I've been dreaming about all year but it looks like if we are lucky we might just be able to squeeze in a CSNY date while we are in the approximate vicinity!!!! YAY!!!

Other summer anticipations include a few movies I can't wait to see:

The Lake House

The Break-Up

A Prairie Home Companion

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

And, of course, The DaVinci Code, which is just a few weeks away!!!

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