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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

a few of my current favourite things

Okay, so once I got started it now seems that I can't stop. But this is just gonna be quick.

We saw The DaVinci Code last week. And critics and protesters had zero effect on my sheer delight! Yes, I'm sure it's not exactly high art; yes, I know it is fiction not fact (so does the movie); and yes, I've read the book so I knew the plotline very well. I'm no movie critic and I've no problem jumping in with joyous abandon and with a great capacity to give in to the suspension of disbelief. And I suppose I'm one of those all-too-easy to please member of the unwashed masses but it matters diddly... I absolutely loved the movie!!!

My other two favs are in heavy iTunes rotation right now:

Neil Young's raw and outraged Living With War and The Dixie Chicks beautiful Taking the Long Way.

Neil Young's Shock and Awe is an amazing, visceral experience every single time I hear it. It sums it up so painfully and so starkly and captures the outrage I feel so completely, that it almost scares me. Somehow I know that I'm not the only one who feels that way. And I can't get through Families and Flags of Freedom without crying yet. And while it probably hasn't been helping my overall mood lately, I find that I have to listen to it alot. Somehow there is a strange comfort in sharing all these gut wrenching feelings and having them validated and vocally expressed so well...

And I can't say enough about The Dixie Chicks; this cd has surpassed every expectation. The most beautiful and moving song, for me, is Silent House (evidently about Natalie Maines grandma who suffers from Alzheimer's) followed closely by Lullaby (trust me, it's a mom thing and you never ever stop feeling those sentiments no matter how old your baby gets).

But everything on it is awesome and Lubbock or Leave It totally kicks a**.

Post Updated on 05-31-2006 to add a screenshot of the latest desktop I've made featuring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tatou:

Shoutout to my beautiful daughter Mina for giving me some tips on polishing the desktop up! Love you, dear Mina xoxoxox

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