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Friday, December 31, 2004

beyond the sea

To celebrate little sis's birthday a day later (her birthday is the 29th but we didn't get to go till the 30th) we went to see Beyond the Sea, Kevin Spacey's vanity project that I think may have gotten some negative reviews.

But I gotta say, I loved this movie! It was a welcome momentary relief from all the bad news going on right now. And I think Suzanne (perhaps needless to say, a mega-Spacey Fan) really loved it, too. Now, if we can just get it together and take a moment to sing Happy Birthday and grab a slice of cheesecake before New Year's Day, we'll have really accomplished something. She opened presents on the 29th but we were too full too indulge in cheesecake that night and we made the same mistake last night as well.

Maybe we better have it for lunch today!

movie still from Beyond the Sea

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