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Friday, January 21, 2005

all around the blogosphere

Since I wasn't able to do so yesterday, I've been trying to catch up with all my favourite blogs and I've been enjoying some great post-inaugural blog reading:

Dissent Channel's Second Verse, Just Like the First

bird on the moon's link to Seymour Hersh's The Coming Wars as well as the round up inaugural demonstration links entitled good work, everybody

The Cranky Liberal's Threat to the Family According to James

Daffodil Lane's What Might Should Have Been

Atrios' Eschaton has a link to a report about Kerry and the response he got at the Inauguration, All Class

Lefty's A Fair and Balanced Meltdown

semidi's great Washington Post link to The Bush Junta's New Motto: Hypocrites 'R' Us

Shameless Agitator's A dog chasing its tail or a snake eating itself?

The Cat's Blog shares William Blum's The Anti-American Report for January 20th

The Republic of T's An Inaugural Speech

Tholos of Athena's Invasion of the Body Snatchers Parts I & II

Virushead's Random Musings has a a bunch'o'good linkies that are In the News as well as an Inaugural comparison

Lots more good stuff out there but this list was already getting very long. If you like what you see here, just check out the blogroll for more good stuff.

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