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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

groups in Alabama shun public education?

This unbelievable story found at The BlurBelt.

"Well, heaven forbid that the children of Alabama — who do so horribly on national tests that even a Republican governor tried to make changes, only to find himself thwarted by the Christian Coalition — get a shot at a decent education. Wouldn't want to have to pay for it, you know."

The biggest mystery to me is why the same people who look upon utilizing our government to work for the people as some kind of evil deed, those very same people who believe that church and community should support the people instead, are so very often the very same people who will turn their back on the disenfranchised and only take care of their own and then behave as though they can't see the discrepency and inequality of it all. It's baffling and it's shameful. And almost entirely without exception, these same people are the ones that supposedly believe in the teachings of Christianity. It just boggles the mind....

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