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Monday, February 14, 2005

lz grammy update

Watched the Grammys and even braved the pre-show footage on E in hopes of a glimpse of my heroes; and a glimpse is just about all I got, too. RP was a no show, JP was hovering around in the background and JPJ got a couple of minutes with Kathy Griffin and there were brief moments of the pair in the audience. Guess that's gonna have to be good enough for now. JPJ was charming during his brief exchange with Griffin and both he and JP looked very dapper and very happy ~ in those few brief moments they were caught by the camera. Ah well. I won't give up hope for an image or two somewhere ~ just have to keep looking in the next few days.

Meanwhile here's a bit of a report but the image that they chose to use with it is a 1998 photo of Page and Plant ~ NO JPJ and considering that Jimmy and John were the two that showed up today, you'd think somebody might have troubled themselves to provide one measly little photo of the pair from the event rather than some dated photo...

Oh my, I'm sounding snarky. But I'll get over it; besides I have perfect faith in the generosity of the very lovely and talented Ross Halfin ~ I just know he won't let diehard fans like me down. I'm guessing there will be photos to go with the always entertaining stories in the next few days or so.

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