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Saturday, February 12, 2005

the religious wrong

Democratic Underground's article by Sharon Isikoff details How Conservative Christians Fail At Ethics:

"Whether you are considering the sanctity of life, the golden rule, virtues like charity, or sins like pride, there are so many ways that Conservative Christians who see the world in the absolute colors of white and black, right and wrong, consistently fail to find the best in themselves." ~~~SI, 01-14-2004

Also, a pair of sobering articles found via Common Dreams:

Jon Carroll's San Francisco Chronicle commentary, Fasten Your Seatbelts: The Rapture Index:

"The Rapture Index, as of this writing, stands at 153. Anything over 145 is labeled by the Rapture Actuaries as "Fasten your seat belts." In other words: Repent for the End Is Near. You may see all this for yourself at Rapture, should you think I'm making it up."
~~~JC, 02-10-2005

Andrew Greeley's Chicago Sun Times commentary, Creationists Still Fighting Evolution:

"Ever since they won the battle but lost the war in the Scopes trial of 1925, conservative Christians have waged an intensive war against evolution. Despite repeated court decisions insisting that evolution must be taught in high school classes, the conservative Christians have managed to keep one form or another of 'creationism' alive and well as an alternative in the minds of many Americans -- including 62 percent of African-American Christians, 52 percent of mainline Protestants, 42 percent of Catholics and 26 percent of Jews. (Seventy-eight percent of Conservative Christians reject evolution)."
~~~AG, 02-11-2005

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