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Friday, February 11, 2005

great radio for the rest of us!

The New Haven Advocate celebrates Air America the Beautiful!!!

"Air America hit the airwaves almost a year ago, dedicated to (as one of its founders, Sheldon Drobny, put it) "a place for real discourse and alternative news in America." You can hear it on WLIB 1190AM in New York City, the two major satellite radio networks, and streaming at Since November, WAVZ 1300AM in New Haven has been broadcasting most of the Air America shows interspersed with other syndicated liberal talk fare. Yes, there's a left-wing radio revolution afoot, and judging from its popularity and profitability thus far, it looks like Rush Limbaugh and his cronies will have to get used to sharing the air they once hogged all for themselves."

AirAmerica Radio is now 48 stations strong!!!

Found via Buzz Flash.

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