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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

queen meets guitar gods

but.... er, um.... how shall I say? DOESN'T. HAVE. A CLUE!!!!! Oh ok, then, maybe that shouldn't be such a shocker....

But... Why, Lord, oh whyyyyyyyyyy couldn't it have been me instead????? Afer all, I know very well who Britain's most priceless national treasures are and fully appreciate the gifts they have given the world... :*( oh well...

Your Majesty, may I introduce you to 4 of the finest guitarists
that have ever graced this planet???? Please????
HRH Queen Elizabeth shakes the hand of the great Jeff Beck
while Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Brian May look on

HRH shakes the hand of Jimmy Page, lucky lady!

Found via the lovely and talented and always in the know
absolutely the best fan-run Zep site on the planet!!!!

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